Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Seeing Abraham!!

When we were in Wisconsin, Huck and I got to see my first 'baby' Abraham. He is so tubby.. haha. I always knew he was going to be a big boy, but he is bigger then even I thought. Huck really got a kick out of him, he LOVES dogs, and all animals.. It was great to see Abe again. I havent seen him in 2 years.. Since I gave him up, and then saw him on his first Birthday June 6 2007.. So it had been a while.. Of course he doesnt remember me, which is sad.. But now I guess more time has passed then we spent together..
I am very happy with the choice I made to give him to Bobbie, Todd, and Luke!!

Huck's FIRST Birthday CELEBRATION!!!

Huck's FIRST Birthday Celbration was planned for Sat, June 27th 2009. I wanted to be able to celebrate his turning ONE with all of our family in WISCONSIN as close to his actual BIRTHDAY, July 10! I bought TONS of food, and we didnt get as many people as I thought may come, but when I only got some RSVP's.. I didnt want to not have enough incase some people came even tho they didnt RSVP.. So anyways, Huck had a good time playing with the kids.. He loves kids and I can tell he cant wait to be a big boy.. I mad lots of cup cakes for our party guests to have, and I baked Huck his very own Angel good cake with stawberry/cool whip frosting.. Which is my FAVORITE. He didnt know what to do with it at first but he did get to digging in eventually..
He got some cute stuff, that all made it home to Kansas with us, even tho that is what I was affraid of, not haivng enough room for things when it was time to come home.! After a long day of no nap.. and still a very happy boy, he fell asleep in Emily's lap.

GG's house!! Banging on the bucket!!

To my dismay, we didnt get to spend as much time with my grama, as I would have liked. But we did get to be at her house, a few times, and to keep Huck busy, because her house is full of things to get into, especially for a little guy who, was becoming very mobile.. My mom found him some "treasures" to play with.. He had an old ice cream bucket, with some random things like lids in it, with some spoons.. he had a very good time doing this..

Friday, August 7, 2009

Aunt Pami's!! &the walk behind toys!

We spent a week with my aunt Pami. It was a nice time. We always have a good time when we stay with her. We went shopping, to the Gernie Mills(dont know if I am spelling that right) with her in IL. We also ate a NOODLES for the first time.. Huck REALLY enjoyed that. Went swimming in her neighbors pool(for a pool party for Steffi) Huck loves to swim. We had an all around good time. We also got to spend sometime with Aunt Shell and Adam.

Aunt Pami bought Huck a walk behind toy(which I didnt know when i also bought him one at a garage sale) But it happens that he liked them both and we did have enough room to get them both back to KS, and now it turns out that he likes the one she bought that doesnt make noise much better then the one I got him anyways.. :0)

Here are some pictures of Huck and John-John on the 'tractor' !!
And video of him walking behind his toys.. One is at my dads house the first time he pushed the noise making one, and then at aunt pams..
The next video is of Aunt Pam feeding Huck CULVERS custard, the night of Daniels picnic, at their hotel.
We love you Aunt Pami, and miss you guys!! Thank you for the great time!

My Grampa!!

Huck really liked his grampa. We enjoyed spending time with him while we were in Wisconsin. Huck really enjoyed going swimming with his grampa, and grampas home-made floatie. Hehe!!
Huck also really liked grampas dog, Bear.. Who really looks like a fox!
Guess I didnt get the best pictures of Huck and his grampa, but you get the idea.

Uncle Daniel Graduates!!

On Friday May 29th 2009. Uncle Daniel(my baby brother) graduated from High School!! Huck did SOO well during the graduation ceremony.. He danced to the music, took a little snooze in my lap, and clapped for all the graduates.. What a big boy. I was so thrilled to be taking my son to his uncles graduation.. It was a great night, sad.. well kinda.. I mean my baby brother graduated.. We are now both grown ups.
We did get to spend a lot of time with uncle Dan while we were in WI. So that made me really happy.
*The pictures are a little blurry because I had Huck on my lap, and was cramned in between my mom and some guy, with some other person on top of my back. But you get the idea.
**The pictures of Huck were taken on the swings at Daniel's graduation picnic.
We are SOO proud of you Uncle Dan!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We arent in Kansas anymore Huck-y!

On WED May 27th 2009, Huck Riley and I set out to go home to WI. Dustin drove us half way, which is Leon IA, so little dirt town in southern IA. From there we drove with Marsha, which was HELL to say the very least. It took us over 16 hours to get from Leon IA to Wis Dells WI, because of her. Anyways, we FINALLY arrived to my moms house at 11am on THUR May 28th, for our 5 week trip. We started off our time by going in eating at CULVERS(oh how i miss thee) and then going shopping the next day(including st.vinnies,Oh i miss thee as well). We also went to see Hucks Great Aunt Johnna where she works at Pizza Hut and boy oh boy did Huck have fun with the buffet..(wish I had pictures).. That evening my brother(uncle Dan) graduated from High School.. The next day was his party, and the following couple of days, we hung out with Mimi.. Followed by spending the week with Grampa and Uncle Dan..(when he wasnt out at grad parties).. The next week we spend with Aunt Pami.. and the week after that we spent at Grampas.. Being with Mimi in the middle on her days off. We hung out with GG a few times, and also with Grama Marilyn.. And then Mommy got her hair done, and Huck hung out with Uncle Dan and Mimi at Grampas house..
Hucks party was on SAT June 27th at grampas and we got to seee Great Great uncle Dick. And lots of other great people. The rest of them time we were there, we hung out at grampas, (we also went swimming with grampa at his campground, Huck had A LOT of FUN!)
We spent our last night in WI with Mimi and went out to Lunch with Grama Marilyn and then went to see GG..
The rest of the night Huck spent time with Mimi while Mommy packed..waiting on Dustin to drive ALL THE WAY from KS to WI to get us, because my totally UNRELIABLE cousin decided she wasnt taking us back to meet him half way less then 24hours before we were set to leave..!! Yay.. needless to say, I havent spoken to her since, And dont have many plans to do so.. !!
We got home safley.. Im sure it was a nicer drive with Dustin then it would have been with her and her no english speaking affair turned boyfriend anyways..!!
We arrive home at 11pm on Thursday July 2nd!!
Lola is huge...!! George was madly missing me, for like 2 weeks after I was home, he didnt let me out of his sight when I was home.. crazy cat!

9 Month check up(well he was actually 10months)

We didnt end up going for Hucks 9 month check up, until he was actually 10months old. He weighed 25lbs and some ounces,(He was almost 26lbs) and was 29 and some inches long. He also had to have his iron level checked.. They pricked his fingar and he didnt even cry, I couldnt believe it because it hurts me when i have to get it done.. He did SOOO good. He is such a trooper.. ! I am so proud of him!

Before leaving for WI!! (end of April-May09)

Check out my new shades!!

Am I cute or what?

Happy boy, playing in his gate.. Look at all those toys!

Playing in the gate from Mimi!

Huck and his first truck!! (he now has many many more!)

Momma Kitty's babies!!

Okay, So I have really gotten behind on Huck's blog. I am really sorry for that. So before we left for WI, Huck became completley mobile, on his own.. He became more and more independent.

Our stray, Momma Kitty had her babies sometime during our spring snow storm and we ended up finding them under our house.. So before we left to go home to WI, Huck and I tried REALLY, REALLY hard to find them all a home. Well, we didnt have much luck as it was "kitten season" and everyone had kittens to give away(I wanted a small fee because I dewormed them, and I wanted to save the money to get Momma spayed). We did find one baby a home, It was little George who found a home. He looked just like George..(I swear he isnt the daddy!)

Mimi, also got Huck a play pen gate(we got at the beginning of May, after the incident with the tooth) Huck likes it, Now he goes in there to get his toys and more offten then not just sits in there(because we now have the gate open so he can get in and out).
Huck got his first truck from his cousin RJ and loved pushing it around our house.
He also got his first pair of sunglasses and was showing them off to me while we were waiting to pick Dustin up. It was very cute!! What personalitly he has.. :0)

Video #1:
Huck spilt his water out of his sippy, and was
splashing in the water on the high chair tray,
and having an absolute blast doing it.!
Video #2: Huck riding his bug worm
for the first time. Cute!

Video #3: Huck pushing his truck.!

Video's #4&5: Huck is just hanging out in his high chair

having a good time, laughing and dancing!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My first pool!

Today I bought Huck his first pool.. we played in it 2 times today, taking a break in between. He had a fun time... He loves the bath tub so I just knew he would love playing in an 'outdoor' bath tub... Lola was taking off with his toys when he threw them out of the pool. she was having a real good time picking them up for him. I got 2 after pool picture too, he was using mommys towel.

Just me and my Daddy!

When I ran to the gas station the other night, I came back to find my guys(well 2 of my guys) hanging out on the couch together.. It was so cute.. some of the pictures of blurry but still it was one of the cutest things ever!