Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Im 8 Months Old!!!

Tuesday March 10th 2009....Huck Riley is 8 months old!!! OMG. Hard to believe. He is doing more and more everyday.. He now can put himself in the sitting position, rolling and rolling, standing with support, and doing very good at it,his legs are so strong, he is 'talking' saying mama, dada,baba..and lots of other babble. Right now he is playing very nice with his toys in the living room while i sit here looking on from the kitchen table(our rooms are connected..he is not alone in the living room)!! We had a vistit from the Parents as Teacher lady (Adrienne) last week on cousin Paulies bday.. She is very nice.. and evaluated his progress being an (almost) 8month old. And he is off the charts(now this isnt just the mommy in me, im telling the truth) he is doing things that only a small percentage of babies his age do.. like banging two small blocks together... and then going to put one of them into a cup.
Huck is getting more hair, it is very light, almost like a strawberry blonde! He doesnt have A LOT of hair, but a lot more hair, and now you can tell when he slept on his hair and it gets messy.. Which is has also turned and slept on his side, all by himself.
Right now he is getting mad.. he is playing in his toy box(well actually more of a toy basket) its a mesh toy box.. hes mad.
Oh and boy!! I cant believe it, it should have been at the top of the page.. We have another tooth.. The top front LEFT!!! It came in on March 8th!!! And i think the other one is on its way.. because he has been cranky, and has had a runny nose. and he had a fever this a.m. i had to do the temp, on his little hinnie, oh well he didnt even know. haha.
Lets see, what else has happened for the 8month.. OH yes.. dear how could i forget this.. Huck and I got to meet his other grampa(Duffy)(he wont be a regular part of his life so he really isnt, that is jsut what he is because hes Dustin;s sperm doner. And we also got to meet, Duffys mother, Dustins biological grandma, Helen. Duffy is so old, im thinking atleast grama lilah age.. maybe older, so his mom is super old.. 80 or so. It was an interesting time. He doesnt look anything like i pictured him..but anyways.. that may be the only time we see him unless someone dies.
The pictures of Huck standing on the couch, with the PUMA shoes are from March 12th.. 2 days after he was 8 months old, and the other pictures are from March 15th, 5 days after turning 8 months.