Thursday, February 26, 2009

Huck,George and Bentley!!!!

Well... Today we were in the car and Huck was talking to himself in the mirror.. boy does he get a kick out of himself.. lol. (see videos) and then tonight when i was getting Huck's pjs on and getting him ready for bed, he decided that he wanted to roll across the floor and get in to the entertainment center.. He can now open in up and take things our(yesterday he had the remotes and cds drug out and he can open and close the doors) And all while this was going on, George has decided he is a brave kitty and was laying on the living room floor along with Huck and Bentley.. Bentley just wants to smell him but George does get mad when he gets to close.. But as long as he keeps his distance George is brave!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Huck and Bentley

Camera Flash too bright!!

We got our new dog yesterday, he is a pure bread brindle boxer and his name was Bandit, but we decided to change it because we didnt really like Bandit, and dont really think it fits him.. So BENT is kind of like BAND so, he is starting to come to it, and is a very well behaved boy, the only thing is that he jumps, and wants to be in your lap all the time!! He has done very well with Huck and hasnt done to bad with George, but George just doesnt want any part of having a dog, so we are hoping he will forgive us sometime in the foreseeable future.. We drove to Wichita to get Bentley and also got a kennel from a woman i found on craigslist, which is where i found him as well. His previous owners just had a baby, and he was the one of three dogs and the last one they got so, he was the first one to go, but thats okay.. they were very nice, and i plan to keep them updated. So Huck thinks that it is just the funniest thing to feed Bentley and this is something that he just did on his own.. I cant get over how much he knows, he just picks up on it, and knows when things are funny.. well so nonetheless they are going to be best friends!!

Im so Cute!!!

I just took these really cute pictures of Huck on the 16th. And yesterday morning before we went to get the doggie we were listening to my new Taylor Swift cd and Huck was dancing.. It was just about the cutest thing i have ever seen! He was just kind of doing it!! It was so great.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

We love our George!!(and Momma kitty too)

Today i took some pictures of George and Huck and i also took a picture of our stray who we call MOMMA KITTY! She has had like 2 litters of kittens! George now has decided that he likes her and runs around with her, and Huck Riley absolutley loves George, he gets super excited when George walks past him or come and sits by us! And Geoge has become kinda fond of Huck too, he doesnt run away anymore and even lets him pet him and he is pretty gentel for a 7month old.

My little Valentine!

Huck Riley and I went shopping at Wal-Mart just the two of us, and i bought him some new teethers,an outfit and some of the graduates little crunchies, they are like cheetos and he really likes them a lot!! Then we went over to Dustins friend Garys(jennifer) house for dinner, and Huck 'played' with his little girl Mackenzie who is 2 (her bday is Nov 17th like Uncle Daniel)! We had a nice time. While we were at Wal-mart daddy was home taking down the aunning that was infront of our house!! We had a Valentines bath!! All of these pictures were taken on Vday!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

He's 7 Months Old!!!

Wow.. it has been 7 months already! Hard to believe, Dustin figuard it out and that means we have had him for 210 days give or take a few with the couple months that have had 31 days!! Unbelievable. I spend everyday with my 'biggie" and i still cant believe it has been that long even through the hard times, i would do it all over again if i knew i meant he wouldnt get big!He is an amazing little baby and he is becoming an amazing little boy, he is learning new things everyday, and is just the happiest most content baby! I honestly couldnt have got luckier having him! He is the best thing, and i truly believe that above all i was meant to be his mommie!! So we may be getting some more teeth. And he is just days away from crawling but gets around pretty well just by scooting and rolling, sometimes all one way and then he will change it up sometimes! It very cute, and he is now reaching into the box where i keep his toys, to try and get to them himself.(See pictures) He is doing amazing with the sippy cup..we have the nuby ones with the soft top and we also have a similar one by munchkin and he seems to do better with them then he did with the Advent trainer ones, bit he really didnt have the bottle too much so he doesnt make the comparison betweent he too! And since we have moved he doesnt get the bottle at all. They may weigh him at WIC tomorrow or they may not, im not exactly sure, but if they do i will post it!! So stay tuned!!
Huck Riley got weighed at WIC today and we are happy to tell you that they think he is the picture perfect breastfed baby!! He now weighs 23lbs 7.5oz and is 27 1/2 inches long! A big healthy boy!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


On Saturday 2*7*08 we took our first trip to Wichita. It is about the same amount of a drive as it is from Lake Delton to Madison,but it doesnt seem to take as long because we drive faster down here! The traffic was madness but other then that it was real fun. It was REALLY nice out that day, almost 70 degrees. We went out for lunch at Chillis because the Olive Garden was extreamly busy! which we could have gone there! Huck did very well.. which he usually does, he only got alittle hungary and we went into the dressing room at Burlington so i could feed him and it worked out pretty well except he really likes to look in the mirror now so he was getting distracted and i had dressed him alittle too warm.. He got 2 new pairs of shoes, a pair of little velcro shoes that Lucas has and he really liked, and some lil blue insilated crocs. They are so cute! I will be putting pictues up as soon as i take them. (You can kind of see the tennys in the pictures with Lucas, he is wearing his pair!)

Friday, February 6, 2009


Huck had a play date on Friday! We met Tiffany and her son Lucas through the and hit it off right away. Lucas and Huck are 6 days apart in age, Huck was born July 10th and Lucas on July 16th! They are also very alike in their height and weight, both are fairly chubby babies! They had a great time, we spent sometime letting them play and get to know each other and then we took a car ride to the Hutchinson Zoo because it was very warm out! I believe that they had a good time and I know that Tiffany and I did! We have a lot in common!
We spent today (Monday 2-9) with them. We went to Wal-mart and got to go and see their house and meet their dogs...A boxer and a pitbull! Whom are very cute and friendly! We really enoyed ourselfs! And I have really enjoyed spending time with them and Huck seems to like it too.. Huck and Lucas are doing all of the same things so it is very cute to see them together!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bath Time!!!

Huck Riley has been having a blast getting baths in his new rubber duckie tub! He is so relaxed when he is in there that he is now propping his feet up. He has always enjoyed bath time but now it is even more exciting!! Mommy is going to get him some bath toys.. right now he just has one rubber duckie from Emily! And he plays with the wash cloth and the cup!! Our water is really hard and contaminated so we dont get to have a bath everyday, but he sure has a good time when we do have bath time!! Happy bath time Huck Riley!!

NOTE: The first 2 pictures are from 1-31-09 which is the day that we got the duckie tub and then the last 3 pics are from the day we went to Wichita which was 2-7-09 and the videos were from that day too!!