Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Boxer baby!!!

We got a new pup.. A girl.. boxer baby.. Dustin said we could get another one, if it was a boxer which I had no problem with because they are my favorite.. Huck likes her, they play, she is just his size.. She chases him around when he crawls, and bites his feet pjs. Its cute.. he doesnt seem to mind even when it looks like she is hurting him, he hasnt cried. Bentley is getting a kick out of her too, he is so jealous... He likes her, but he wants the attention that she is getting...Because she is small, she can lay on your lap without making your whole body fall asleep and she gets cold real easy so, she needs to be warmed up.. And George, is SOoo mad.. Just about as mad as he was when we tried to get him a kitten when I was pregnant. But I really like her, she is tiny.. and SOO cute... We havent really agreed on a name.. the ones I like Dustin thinks are stupid.. and the ones he likes I dont like and think should be human names... so idk,.. I really like COOPER, but its usually for a boy...??? And I like DAPHNE and TESLA.. And all the names we have come up with are too close to BENTLEY.. like Bailey.

So if you have any good ideas, let me know.. Maybe once you see her you can lend a hand at throwing some names out there...

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