Friday, August 7, 2009

Aunt Pami's!! &the walk behind toys!

We spent a week with my aunt Pami. It was a nice time. We always have a good time when we stay with her. We went shopping, to the Gernie Mills(dont know if I am spelling that right) with her in IL. We also ate a NOODLES for the first time.. Huck REALLY enjoyed that. Went swimming in her neighbors pool(for a pool party for Steffi) Huck loves to swim. We had an all around good time. We also got to spend sometime with Aunt Shell and Adam.

Aunt Pami bought Huck a walk behind toy(which I didnt know when i also bought him one at a garage sale) But it happens that he liked them both and we did have enough room to get them both back to KS, and now it turns out that he likes the one she bought that doesnt make noise much better then the one I got him anyways.. :0)

Here are some pictures of Huck and John-John on the 'tractor' !!
And video of him walking behind his toys.. One is at my dads house the first time he pushed the noise making one, and then at aunt pams..
The next video is of Aunt Pam feeding Huck CULVERS custard, the night of Daniels picnic, at their hotel.
We love you Aunt Pami, and miss you guys!! Thank you for the great time!

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