Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Huck's FIRST Birthday CELEBRATION!!!

Huck's FIRST Birthday Celbration was planned for Sat, June 27th 2009. I wanted to be able to celebrate his turning ONE with all of our family in WISCONSIN as close to his actual BIRTHDAY, July 10! I bought TONS of food, and we didnt get as many people as I thought may come, but when I only got some RSVP's.. I didnt want to not have enough incase some people came even tho they didnt RSVP.. So anyways, Huck had a good time playing with the kids.. He loves kids and I can tell he cant wait to be a big boy.. I mad lots of cup cakes for our party guests to have, and I baked Huck his very own Angel good cake with stawberry/cool whip frosting.. Which is my FAVORITE. He didnt know what to do with it at first but he did get to digging in eventually..
He got some cute stuff, that all made it home to Kansas with us, even tho that is what I was affraid of, not haivng enough room for things when it was time to come home.! After a long day of no nap.. and still a very happy boy, he fell asleep in Emily's lap.

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