Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Before leaving for WI!! (end of April-May09)

Check out my new shades!!

Am I cute or what?

Happy boy, playing in his gate.. Look at all those toys!

Playing in the gate from Mimi!

Huck and his first truck!! (he now has many many more!)

Momma Kitty's babies!!

Okay, So I have really gotten behind on Huck's blog. I am really sorry for that. So before we left for WI, Huck became completley mobile, on his own.. He became more and more independent.

Our stray, Momma Kitty had her babies sometime during our spring snow storm and we ended up finding them under our house.. So before we left to go home to WI, Huck and I tried REALLY, REALLY hard to find them all a home. Well, we didnt have much luck as it was "kitten season" and everyone had kittens to give away(I wanted a small fee because I dewormed them, and I wanted to save the money to get Momma spayed). We did find one baby a home, It was little George who found a home. He looked just like George..(I swear he isnt the daddy!)

Mimi, also got Huck a play pen gate(we got at the beginning of May, after the incident with the tooth) Huck likes it, Now he goes in there to get his toys and more offten then not just sits in there(because we now have the gate open so he can get in and out).
Huck got his first truck from his cousin RJ and loved pushing it around our house.
He also got his first pair of sunglasses and was showing them off to me while we were waiting to pick Dustin up. It was very cute!! What personalitly he has.. :0)

Video #1:
Huck spilt his water out of his sippy, and was
splashing in the water on the high chair tray,
and having an absolute blast doing it.!
Video #2: Huck riding his bug worm
for the first time. Cute!

Video #3: Huck pushing his truck.!

Video's #4&5: Huck is just hanging out in his high chair

having a good time, laughing and dancing!!

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