Saturday, February 7, 2009


On Saturday 2*7*08 we took our first trip to Wichita. It is about the same amount of a drive as it is from Lake Delton to Madison,but it doesnt seem to take as long because we drive faster down here! The traffic was madness but other then that it was real fun. It was REALLY nice out that day, almost 70 degrees. We went out for lunch at Chillis because the Olive Garden was extreamly busy! which we could have gone there! Huck did very well.. which he usually does, he only got alittle hungary and we went into the dressing room at Burlington so i could feed him and it worked out pretty well except he really likes to look in the mirror now so he was getting distracted and i had dressed him alittle too warm.. He got 2 new pairs of shoes, a pair of little velcro shoes that Lucas has and he really liked, and some lil blue insilated crocs. They are so cute! I will be putting pictues up as soon as i take them. (You can kind of see the tennys in the pictures with Lucas, he is wearing his pair!)

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