Sunday, February 22, 2009

Huck and Bentley

Camera Flash too bright!!

We got our new dog yesterday, he is a pure bread brindle boxer and his name was Bandit, but we decided to change it because we didnt really like Bandit, and dont really think it fits him.. So BENT is kind of like BAND so, he is starting to come to it, and is a very well behaved boy, the only thing is that he jumps, and wants to be in your lap all the time!! He has done very well with Huck and hasnt done to bad with George, but George just doesnt want any part of having a dog, so we are hoping he will forgive us sometime in the foreseeable future.. We drove to Wichita to get Bentley and also got a kennel from a woman i found on craigslist, which is where i found him as well. His previous owners just had a baby, and he was the one of three dogs and the last one they got so, he was the first one to go, but thats okay.. they were very nice, and i plan to keep them updated. So Huck thinks that it is just the funniest thing to feed Bentley and this is something that he just did on his own.. I cant get over how much he knows, he just picks up on it, and knows when things are funny.. well so nonetheless they are going to be best friends!!

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  1. wow what a well behaved dog to not snatch that right out of his hand! you'll have to really work with Huck so he doesn't tease. We don't want him missing any fingers! lol.