Friday, February 6, 2009


Huck had a play date on Friday! We met Tiffany and her son Lucas through the and hit it off right away. Lucas and Huck are 6 days apart in age, Huck was born July 10th and Lucas on July 16th! They are also very alike in their height and weight, both are fairly chubby babies! They had a great time, we spent sometime letting them play and get to know each other and then we took a car ride to the Hutchinson Zoo because it was very warm out! I believe that they had a good time and I know that Tiffany and I did! We have a lot in common!
We spent today (Monday 2-9) with them. We went to Wal-mart and got to go and see their house and meet their dogs...A boxer and a pitbull! Whom are very cute and friendly! We really enoyed ourselfs! And I have really enjoyed spending time with them and Huck seems to like it too.. Huck and Lucas are doing all of the same things so it is very cute to see them together!

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