Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bath Time!!!

Huck Riley has been having a blast getting baths in his new rubber duckie tub! He is so relaxed when he is in there that he is now propping his feet up. He has always enjoyed bath time but now it is even more exciting!! Mommy is going to get him some bath toys.. right now he just has one rubber duckie from Emily! And he plays with the wash cloth and the cup!! Our water is really hard and contaminated so we dont get to have a bath everyday, but he sure has a good time when we do have bath time!! Happy bath time Huck Riley!!

NOTE: The first 2 pictures are from 1-31-09 which is the day that we got the duckie tub and then the last 3 pics are from the day we went to Wichita which was 2-7-09 and the videos were from that day too!!

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