Tuesday, February 10, 2009

He's 7 Months Old!!!

Wow.. it has been 7 months already! Hard to believe, Dustin figuard it out and that means we have had him for 210 days give or take a few with the couple months that have had 31 days!! Unbelievable. I spend everyday with my 'biggie" and i still cant believe it has been that long even through the hard times, i would do it all over again if i knew i meant he wouldnt get big!He is an amazing little baby and he is becoming an amazing little boy, he is learning new things everyday, and is just the happiest most content baby! I honestly couldnt have got luckier having him! He is the best thing, and i truly believe that above all i was meant to be his mommie!! So we may be getting some more teeth. And he is just days away from crawling but gets around pretty well just by scooting and rolling, sometimes all one way and then he will change it up sometimes! It very cute, and he is now reaching into the box where i keep his toys, to try and get to them himself.(See pictures) He is doing amazing with the sippy cup..we have the nuby ones with the soft top and we also have a similar one by munchkin and he seems to do better with them then he did with the Advent trainer ones, bit he really didnt have the bottle too much so he doesnt make the comparison betweent he too! And since we have moved he doesnt get the bottle at all. They may weigh him at WIC tomorrow or they may not, im not exactly sure, but if they do i will post it!! So stay tuned!!
Huck Riley got weighed at WIC today and we are happy to tell you that they think he is the picture perfect breastfed baby!! He now weighs 23lbs 7.5oz and is 27 1/2 inches long! A big healthy boy!

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